2014-15 2014-15

October 24: Xosé H. Vázquez (Vigo University), "Watch the Working Capital of Tier-Two Suppliers: A Transaction Cost Approach to Supply Collaborations in the Automotive Industry".

January 19 (job market seminar): Michael Kummer (Mannheim University), "Spillovers in Networks of User Generated Content".

January 23 (job market seminar): Erina Ytsma (London School of Economics), "Lone Stars or Constellations? The Impact of Performance Pay on Matching Assortativeness in Academia".

January 26 (job market seminar): Matthias Wibral (University of Bonn), "How Malleable are Choice Brackets? The Case of Myopic Loss Aversion".

January 28 (job market seminar): Jörg Stahl (Pompeu Fabra University), "Capital Gain: The Return to Locating in the Capital City".

January 29 (job market seminar): Daniel Herbold (Goethe University), "The Agency Costs of On-the-Job Search".

February 2: Daniel Beunza (London School of Economics), "Blended Automation: Integrating Algorithms on the Floor of the New York Stock Exchange".

May 22: Nicholas Argyres (Washington University at St. Louis), "Knowledge Inheritance, Vertical Integration, and Entrant Survival in the Early U.S. Auto Industry".